Date Royale

If you want to experience the riches, the heritage, the likes of princely luxury, the hospitality along with the royal gesture of love, even if you are not a legitimate heir to the king/queen or a descendant from the royal family, fret not, we have JUST THE DATE planned for you.

Offbeat Dates

Whether you are a travel junky or two out for camping, you secretly wish to go star gazing and hold hands while lying under the moonlit sky or sail your way through the Arabian Sea on a yatch, if you share the same craziness as your partner, you will soon be experiencing with us an “Offbeat Date”. Wherever you choose to go, rest assured, we’ll take pleasure in considering all your heebie jeebies.

Classic Dates

They don't make 'em like that anymore. If you’re old school and still find yourself slow dancing to the tune of violin, eyes fixed upon each other never missing a blink, you still skip a beat when she walks from a distance and you first see her, you long for that one conversation under the Shangri-La and how you wish time stood still for you could live all your life in that one moment. Well, we can’t wait to create timeless moments for you either. Let’s do it the old-fashioned way. Home your pigeon and send us a telegram inquiring more about our Classic Dates. While you wait in anticipation, we’ll get back to you as soon as we hear from you.

Proposal Dates

Proposals are our highlights just for the simple reason that it gives us a feeling of permanence and reinforces the fact that some relationships are indeed forever. Proposals can get daunting and the execution is far more elaborate than conception. While we agree that nobody can plan it better than you, we are here to make you stress free when the big question is about to be popped! All we’re saying is we’ll execute it for you. However you want it, wherever you want it. No questions asked.

Couples who travel together, stay together…